Big returning!

Some legendary species and hybrids return into our offer today! Among the available ones are rajah x veitchii, robcantleyi, jamban, rajah, stenophylla and more!

Spring update!

The new, the biggest spring offer of nepenthes is already added! Please check our website!

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Nepenthes robcantleyi Nepenthes robcantleyi
Price: €34.67
Borneo Exotics:
Some time back we bred two of the only nine plants known in cultivation of this, one of the rarest of all Nepenthes. The area w
here seed that gave rise to the original nine plants was collected was devastated by logging activities in the late 1990s and Nepenthes robcantleyi is believed to be eithercritically endangered, or possibly even extinct in the wild.
Nepenthes spectabilis x aristolochioides Nepenthes spectabilis x aristolochioides
Price: €12.60

A cross between two beautiful species makes this hybrid one of the most interesting. It shows up the characteristic pitcher shape of N.aristolochioides and an incredible colouration.

Nepenthes talangensis x glandulifera Nepenthes talangensis x glandulifera
Price: €13.41

A horticultural hybrid and a first from Borneo Exotics.




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