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The prey are lured with color and sweet nectar. When they sit on the edge of the trap, the slip inside immediately with no return. The slippery inside of the pitcher offers no chance of escape. The bug falls into the liquid inside the pitcher, and the stimulated glands release digestive substances.

Mainly Southeast Asia (Borneo, Philippines, Sumatra, Sulawesi, New Guinea, and the Malay and Indochinese Peninsula). The less numerous species are also found in the Seychelles, Madagascar, Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

Tropical rain forests, peat swamps, even degraded areas left after the destruction of rainforests. They grow as vines, epiphytes, or in the ground. They can even be found on rocky slopes.

They occur where there are no minerals.

Lowland nepenthes
That is what we call the species growing up to 1000 m above the sea level. They prefer high temperatures (20-30°C), fluctuations between day and night are of little significance.

Highland nepenthes
That is what we call the species growing up higher than 1000 m above the sea level. They are commonly considered more difficult to grow due to the necessity of providing temperature fluctuations between day and night, with even 2C being enough.

We should provide well permeable ground. Among the many popular mixtures are peat with perlite, pumice or coconut chips. Pure sphagnum moss works very well.

Watering and air humidity
We always water the plant from above it and keep the ground moist, but not wet. Distilled or osmotic water is needed. The nepenthes prefer higher air humidity, so we can grow them in a variety of terrariums, greenhouses or next to other plants. The popular species, after the period of acclimatization, simply grow and develop their pitchers very well on a windowsill.

We should provide a clear position, with plenty of scattered light. The eastern and western window sill are perfectly suitable, on the south ones we should cover our plants.

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